Bug Repellent TRIO - Spray, Roller, Lotion Bar
Bug Repellent TRIO - Spray, Roller, Lotion Bar

Bug Repellent TRIO - Spray, Roller, Lotion Bar

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This trio is a triple threat against pesky bugs - it features our new spray, roller and lotion bar.

As with most natural repellents, application should be repeated often, having 3 options that compliment each other is a perfect solution so you can switch back and forth to optimize your coverage without harmful ingredients or drying out your skin.

About the spray:
4 oz amber plastic bottler

INGREDIENTS: organic witch hazel, purified water, clear mexican vanilla, neem oil, coconut oil, 100% pure lemongrass, citronella, lavender, geranium & kunzea essential oils 

About the roller:
30 ml glass bottler with glider roller

INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, neem oil and 100% pure lemongrass, citronella, lavender,  geranium & kunzea essential oils.

About the lotion bar:
1 oz bar

INGREDIENTS: bees wax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and 100% pure lemongrass, citronella, lavender and geranium essential oils.

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