Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath Blend ORGANIC Pregnancy Baby

Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath Blend ORGANIC Pregnancy Baby

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This is an item we made as a personal gift to some sweet moms-to-be.  We've had some requests to offer it for sale, so we've made up more and - for now - this batch available.

This bath "tea blend" is packed full of skin soothing, organic herbs, salts, and pure essential oils.

This organic herbal blend comes in a 3 oz stand up resealable container, along with a reusable muslin bag (wash between uses).  This bag is enough for 2-4 baths, depending on the quantity put into the bag.

~Ingredients: organic calendula flowers, organic chamomile flowers, lavender buds, organic yarrow, organic witch hazel, organic plantain, epsom salt, pink sea salt, colloidal oatmeal, pure lavender, chamomile & helichrysum essential oils.

Fill muslin bag with desired amount of herbal mixture.  Fill tub with water as hot as possible.  Drop muslin bag into water and allow contents to seep. Once the temperature is tolerable, enjoy a nice soothing bath.  OR For a more potent herbal mixture, steep muslin bag in jar of very hot water for several hours.  Then add the steeped water into a bath - either a regular tub, or a sitz bath for more direct relief.

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