PUMPKIN TOP Bath Bombs Bath Oil Beads FALL SUN
PUMPKIN TOP Bath Bombs Bath Oil Beads FALL SUN

PUMPKIN TOP Bath Bombs Bath Oil Beads FALL SUN

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A brand new item this year - pumpkin top bath bombs.  And since the kiddos shouldn't be the only ones who get surprises in their bath bombs, we've included purple embed powder AND a bath oil bead inside of each one. (also available without bath oil bead).

Each bath bomb is hand painted.  Each bath oil bead contains fractionated coconut oil for the ultimate moisturizing bath experience!

These are scented in our most popular seasonal scent - Fall Sun.

The pumpkin tops are larger than our regular bath bombs - each one is approximately 6 oz.

Soap Ingredients:
Baking soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, buttermilk powder, shea butter, almond butter, pure orange, grapefruit, clove & cinnamon bark essential oils, mica powder for color
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