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We have a new addition to our scrub line!  Our salt scrubs are a popular item, and now we've added a new sugar scrub.  This brown sugar scrub is infused with clear Mexican vanilla and cinnamon bark essential oil creating a yummy scent that will make you crave snickerdoodle cookies.

Glowing, soft and nourished skin begins with proper care by first removing hardened, dead skin cells. Left untreated, skin becomes stiff, dull and crusty. Remove dry, flaky skin and unclog pores with brown sugar mixed with oils help replenish tired and dry skin and leave you with that rosy post-scrub glow. 

Available in a 2 oz jar, supplied with a wooden measuring spoon, our sugar scrub and scent blends are created with powerful healing and health in mind, mixed with food grade ingredients and natural dyes.


~Raw Brown Sugar
~Coconut Oil
~Almond Oil
~Castile Soap
~Clear Mexican Vanilla
~100% Pure Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil


Though the weight may vary slightly, the average weight of product is 2 oz.


Jacob is a young man with autism who has aged out of the public school system. Despite years of vocational training, he was still considered "unemployable". As a result, we have created a home based online sales business to provide Jacob with a meaningful and purposeful life after school.

The business name is Jacob's Ladder. We have created a Facebook page to chronicle the process of training Jacob in various aspects of an online sales business. It is called Journey To Jacob's Ladder. Please feel free to join us on the journey!