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Bath Salts Lavender Peppermint Citrus Wooden Spoon

Bath Salts Lavender Peppermint Citrus Wooden Spoon

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It’s been a long day and you’re ready to calm your body and relax your mind. Grab that book and get some “you” time by soaking in a warm bath, mixed with our bath salt blends to help improve skin health, restore mind, body and mood. 

Available in 4oz  jars, supplied with a wooden measuring spoon, our bath salts and scent blends with botanicals are created with powerful healing and health in mind, mixed with food grade ingredients and natural dyes. 

  • Lavender, mixed with lavender buds and essential oil, can promote relaxation and stimulation of new skin cells.
  • Peppermint oil mixed with a bath tea blend of spearmint, rosemary and juniper, offer astringent properties and mental stimulation.
  • Citrus Blend with calendula leaf, mixed with grapefruit and lime essential oils known to help boost the immune system and soothe muscle spasms. 


~Epsom Salts
~100% pure essential oils

The following botanicals are included in the bath salts:

Lavender - lavender buds
Peppermint - a bath tea blend of spearmint, rosemary and juniper
Citrus - lemon peel granules

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