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About Us

About Jacob

Jacob recently aged out of the school system.  As the magical number approached that signaled the end of his schooling, we – as his parents – naturally wondering what the next step would entail. Despite years of vocational training, Jacob was still considered "unemployable". With a future of inactivity and lack of purpose yawning before him, we decided to create a business - online retail sales - that he will be able to work at home.

Our Story

We were not prepared to let Jacob age out without a next step in place. A next step that included a chance for him to continue to learn and grow and have a meaningful, purposeful life. As we pursue this venture, we have done so with a dual goal in mind. We are doing everything in our power to help Jacob reach his full potential but we also want to offer encouragement and support to other parents. Parents whose children have already aged out and they are feeling lost and without resources. Parents whose children who are approaching the “aging out years” and feel scared and desperate. And those precious parents at the beginning of this journey who are walking through some very, very difficult days – often without a support system in place.

 Introducing: Journey to Jacob's Ladder 

Journey to Jacob’s Ladder was formed as a training and employment opportunity for Jacob (who has autism) when conventional methods did not result in employment.

Our aim is to build a business to provide purpose and meaning to Jacob’s life now that he has aged out of the school system. Our subsequent long term goal is to offer items that are made by other individuals with “unique abilities” and to possibly offer them employment as well.

Adjusting the work for the individual, to increase the chances for success.

We are training Jacob on every aspect of employment from timesheet completion to money management of a paycheck. A lot of modification has been made to help him succeed. For instance, Jacob lives a computer centered life. Because of that he is easily distracted with automated timesheets and inventory forms. As a result, we found that handwritten completion of those forms has increased his successful performance of these tasks.

Dual Approach

Our training involves a dual approach – both employment and household skills are taught. Though Jacob has regular chores, new household skills that he has been traditionally resistant to are counted on his timesheet along with employment skills. We have found this to be a successful motivator to encourage cooperation.

Our Business

Initially, the items we have offered for sale have had an autism awareness focus. However, we are expanding to items that would fall into a category of more frequent purchases.  Additionally, we have been able to apply our experience and offer online order-fulfillment and small-scale production services for hire. It is our hope this will produce a more continual stream of orders so that training can be consistently conducted on a daily basis.

Awareness Products

Jacob’s Ladder maintains an active online retail shop selling a large offering of Autism Awareness products.

Retail Products

We are offering products across a variety of categories.  Some are hand-made, or selectively sourced.  We individually process each order with care.  Our products are also available through our fundraising program for your organization.

Contracted Services

With extensive experience in small order processing (particularly Etsy storefront).  We offer order fulfillment as a contracted service.  We are prepared to professionally service your small business.