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Men's Personal Gift Pack
Men's Personal Gift Pack

Men's Personal Gift Pack

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Sometimes the guys need pampering too! This mini gift pack is a perfect show some love to the men in your life.

It includes a large 6 oz bar of soap - your choice of lemongrass or a cedarwood/rosemary/eucalyptus/black pepper blend.
Also included is a small lotion stick with a cedarwood/lemongrass blend.

About the soap:
Melt and pour base - detergent free (no sulfates or parabens) coconut milk glycerin, goat milk glycerin or white/clear glycerin
Organic, non GMO Vitamin E oil for extra moisturizing
Sulfate (SLS) and paraben free
Scent from pure therapeutic grade essential oils
Any color added is from oxide powder

About the lotion stick:
Sweet Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Scent from pure therapeutic grade essential oils - cedarwood & lemongrass
Weight may vary slightly, the average weight of the small lotion stick/tube in this gift pack is .5 oz (1/2 oz)

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